The music ministry of First Presbyterian is a vital part of our church life. In worship, realizing that the congregation is the primary choir, we sing from a hymnal. The 8:30 am service uses Worship and Rejoice (Hope Publications), and the 10:30am service uses the new Presbyterian hymnal Glory to God.

Worship Ensemble is a small group of singers providing music for the 8:30 am Sunday service. They rehearse on Wednesdays at 6:00pm and are usually accompanied by piano.


Sanctuary Choir is made up of up to 20 singers and provides music for the 10:30 service in the sanctuary. They rehearse on Wednesdays at 7:00 pm. A variety of instruments accompany this choir. The organ is the primary instrument, but piano, handbells, wind instruments, strings, and percussion are used from time to time. The Sanctuary Choir also frequently presents special programs of music for Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter.

Westminster Handbells is a small ensemble providing music on occasion as needed. They do not rehearse on a regular basis currently.


Schantz Pipe Organ – 3 manuals – 40 ranks. When our new sanctuary was completed in 1973, it included a new 3-manual, 40-rank Schantz pipe organ. It is located in the balcony choir loft in the rear part of the sanctuary. In 2005 when some repairs were needed, the console was rebuilt by Miller Pipe Organ Company of Louisville, Ky, and converted to a solid-state system which provides such additional options as multiple memory levels, record/playback, transposition, etc.

Pianos – The following pianos were acquired over several years by way of gifts and bequests of generous church members:

  • Sohmer baby grand piano – Choir Suite
  • Yamaha upright piano – Chapel
  • Yamaha console upright piano – rehearsal space
  •           Steinway Model A grand piano – sanctuary

Malmark Handbells – 5 octaves

Malmark Handchimes – 2 octaves