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  • Sanctuary Choir

    Traditional mixed choir (High-school age and up) 

    Rehearsal: Wednesday (7:30pm-8:30pm) Choir Suite, Room 303

    Sanctuary choir is a fun group of people with a serious passion for worship. We do a wide variety of music from around the world and spanning many centuries. While we do work extremely hard at producing the highest quality music we can, we understand our role not to be as performers, but as worship leaders. We support the congregation in singing during worship, and sing anthems to enrich the congregation’s worship experience. We sing almost every week and at most special services like Christmas Eve and Maundy Thursday. You don’t need any formal training or experience to be in the choir, just a desire to worship God with music, and a commitment to work at it regularly. 

  • Men's Ensemble

    Male vocal ensemble (High-school age and up) 

    Rehearsal: Monday (7:15pm-8:00pm) Choir Suite, Room 303

    FPC’s Men’s Chorus is a great group of guys who love to sing (and sound great singing together)! Typically singing six to eight times a year in worship, the group requires a significantly smaller time commitment than the Sanctuary Choir, though some of the men are also in Sanctuary Choir. We sing out in the community as well, at retirement homes, special community events like our town’s Martin Luther King Day breakfast, our town’s Christmas parade, and we even sing the national anthem at sports events like professional hockey or baseball games. The ability to read music is not a requirement! If you love to sing but have an extremely tight schedule, Men’s Chorus is for you. Come give it a try! 

  • Choristers

    Children’s choir - Grades K-5

    Rehearsal: Wednesday (5:00pm-5:30pm) Sanctuary

    Choristers sing a mixture of traditional Sunday school songs, hymns, and popular sacred music. We learn basic musical skills as well as strengthen and broaden our understanding of the Lord. We love to sing and we love the Lord! We sing during the beginning of the worship service approximately four to six times a year. We also sing at special music programs (such as Christmas). All are welcome to come and sing. We’re pretty laid back and have a lot of fun! If you’re not sure, come and see a rehearsal or two. You won’t be disappointed! 

  • Worship Ensemble

    Leaders of congregational song - High school age and up

    Rehearsal: Wednesday (6:00pm-7:00pm) Sanctuary

    The Worship Ensemble is primarily focused on the art and skill of leading congregational singing. We lead traditional hymns and contemporary songs at most services during the year, and occasionally at special services like Christmas Eve. Our instruments typically include piano, bass, drums and guitar, but we have been known to add horns as well. While no specific level of skill is required, we do ask for a basic proficiency on your instrument because this isn’t a “training” ensemble. However, if you’re kind of rusty after many years of not playing or singing, or have a really strong desire to learn, we’ll help you get up to speed pretty quickly. 

  • Youth Praise Team

    Leaders of congregational song - Junior high and high school age

    Rehearsal: Sunday (4:00pm-5:00pm) Sanctuary

    The Youth Praise Team is also primarily focused on the art and skill of leading congregational singing. We primarily lead modern worship songs, or traditional hymns that have been “repackaged” in a new style. Our vocalists are coached in vocal technique as well as leadership skills. Instrumentally, we include the usual rhythm instruments, and we are more than open to adding more. While we do lead worship or perform regularly, this ensemble has for many been an entry point into music-making or to a new level of musicianship. If you would like to play or sing, but don’t have much training or experience, come on in anyway. We all work well together and support each other as we all learn and grow and become AWESOME!!!

  • Westminster Ringers

    Adult Handbell choir - High-school aged and up

    Rehearsal: Monday (6:00pm-7:00pm) Handbell Room, Room 314

    Westminster Ringers explores all aspects of handbell ringing. Bells may be rung as a “stand alone” ensemble, or may be used to support another group’s music, or can support hymn singing by playing the melody, an accompaniment or “musical enhancements”, or be used liturgically in worship, or… We will learn many types of music as well as a wide variety of ringing techniques. As an ensemble, we recognize that though we work hard, it’s ultimately all for God’s praise. Typically, we’ll ring six to eight times a year, plus some special services like Christmas Eve or Maundy Thursday, and we may do some events off campus, like playing at a retirement center. While ringing experience may be helpful, it is not necessary. Please don’t let lack of experience stop you from joining. We are a team and all work together to lift and encourage each other. In addition, a little “outside” help is always available from many sources eager to encourage the art of handbell ringing. It’s a lot of fun!

  • Young Ringers

    Youth bell choir - Grades 6 through High School

    Rehearsal: Sunday (3:15pm-4:00pm) Handbell Room, Room 314

    Young Ringers is a bell choir for Middle School & High School aged ringers. We’ll work hard at improving our technique and our musicianship. We’ll also begin to explore music’s role in worship, and our role in worship as musicians and leaders. We will ring six to eight times a year for worship and at special church services like Christmas Eve, or special dinners. We also perform around town at community events like the regional cancer center’s “Christmas Ornament Service” or at special events at the Rose Center. While ringing experience may be helpful, it is not necessary. Please don’t let lack of experience stop you from joining. We are a team and all work together to have fun and become great! Outside help is available, but many players get it together just by working hard during the rehearsals. Come on and try it. 

  • Jazz Ensemble

    Jazz music ensemble - Based on ability

    Rehearsal: Sunday (11:45am-12:30pm) Sanctuary

    FPC Jazz is dedicated to the art of playing jazz, and utilizing jazz in worship. We do arrangements of hymns and other sacred music, as well as sacred jazz tunes. We will also “back up” various groups and soloists in worship and in special events. We will also perform around town at special events or at places like retirement centers. We maintain a repertoire of great “secular” jazz for just such occasions. While no specific jazz skills are required (improvising, arranging etc.), a fairly strong proficiency on your instrument is a must, due to the nature of the music we play. We also welcome vocalists to join with us. No one is forced (well, really forced) to improvise either. We do work in our rehearsals on improv, and all are encouraged to try, if only for the musical growth that results. We’re open to all ages and ALL instruments (even instruments that aren’t traditionally considered “jazz instruments”). We do have some limited slots - (i.e. the rhythm section). However, we do have some “duplicated” slots, and the players just “trade tunes”, (and, hey, if we get enough players, we’ll start another group!). So all you trumpet or bass or bassoon players out there - break out your ax and come hang with some hip cats!

  • Other musical opportunities at FPC

    The list of “standing” groups at FPC is growing, but there’s a lot more, too. We are always looking for soloists, duets, other small groups to add to worship or for other church events. We also will form special groups on occasion to lead or support music in other special events like our VBS Band and our Church At The Lake Band. Many of these groups will be on a one time basis. We’d rehearse a few times in advance and do it. Or they could grow into a new standing group. We have no limitations here except that what we do be God Honoring! If you are now or have ever been involved with music, or if you never have and would like to try let us know! If you have some ideas let us know! We want to use all of the talent God has placed here to the Utmost for His Highest. 

  • Tech

    Audio engineering, Lights, Set design, “Stage” hands etc. Middle school age and up Times based on the event So much is now going on at FPC musically. Plus, we actively utilize drama in and out of worship, and we occasionally have concerts featuring artists performing in a variety of styles throughout the year. All of this requires a trained staff to make it go smoothly. NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY, but you must be willing and ready to learn. We will teach you to run sound, lights, build things, give cues, etc. We are in the process of upgrading all of our equipment as we have clearly outgrown what we have. As this happens, you’ll be kept up to date and trained accordingly, so you’ll never be left “floundering”. We will need people to set up and run sound at each service every Sunday, at special services like Christmas Eve, and at some concerts that we will hold in our sanctuary. Also, we occasionally create full dramas which require an even larger production staff. If you have any interest at all in these areas, you’ll be getting in on the ground floor as we start to grow. Let us know if you are willing to serve in any of these areas.

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