Where Are they Now?

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  • Tom DOdge, Senior Pastor (1995-2001)

    Tom is retired as Director of Spiritual Care at Hospice and Community Care, Lancaster, PA. He currently serves in a supportive role at Chestnut Level Presbyterian Church as Parish Associate and is retired as ordained Clergy in PCUSA. (http://chestnutlevel.org/tom)

  • greg Cartwright, Associate Pastor (2004-2014)

    Greg is Associate Pastor for Families at First Presbyterian Greeneville, TN. (http://www.firstpresgreeneville.org)

  • Russ Weekley, Director of Christian Education

    Russ is Pastor of Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church, Liburn, GA (http://goodshepherdpc.atlpcusa.org/Welcome/2staff. html)

  • Mike Stanfield, Associate Pastor (1987-1990)

    Mike is Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church, Columbia, MO (http://trinity-presbyterian.org/about/staff)

  • Jack pitzer, Associate Pastor (1972-1975)

    Jack is Pastor of Lampstand Presbyterian Church, Decatur, IL. (http://www.lampstandpc.org/visitors/staff)

  • Marcy Lay, Director of Music (2003-2010)

    Marcy is Director of Music at First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, TN (http://www.1stprescolumbia.org/about/past or-and-staff.html)

  • Geral Maloy, Director of Music

    Jerry is Choral Director at Cocke County High School, Newport, TN. (http://www.newportplaintalk.com/community /community_columns/article_be49e161-09bd- 5f1c-833c-e168891608d5.html)

  • greg pysh, Director of Music

    Greg is Minister of Music at First Presbyterian Church, Midland, TX (http://fpcmid.org/about/our-staff)

  • Amanda Ogle Perryman, Youth Intern

    Amanda is Public Education/Fire Safety Officer in Gatlinburg, TN (http://www.wbir.com/news/local/wildfire /firefighter-loses-own-home-in-sevier-coun ty-fires/366813552)

  • Bobby Fisher, Youth Intern

    Bobby is Director of Spiritual and Ethical Education at Pomfret School, Pomfret, CT. (https://www.pomfretschool.org/page/abou t-us/faculty—staff-directory?letter=F)

  • Paul Snyder, Youth Intern

    Paul has a design firm, Paul Snyder Design, in Fort Mill SC. (http://www.paulsnyderdesign.com)

  • Mark Lampley, Youth Intern

    Mark is Associate Pastor of Young Adult Ministries at Sequoyah Hills Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, TN. (http://www.sequoyahchurch.org/)

  • Pansy Duke, Director of Christian education (1960s)

    Pansy is retired and living in Pendleton, SC

  • Pansy Wallace, Frances Hampton, & Shirley edwards

    (served as nursery workers during the 1980s and 1990s) 

    Pansy and Frances are retired and living in Morristown. Miss Shirley is retired and living in Bean Station.

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