Class of 2020
Mickey Barbely
Buddy Fielder (Human Resources)
Bill T. Hale (Stewardship and Finance)
Jacqui Inman (Mission and Community Outreach)
Jennifer Little (Congregational Care)

Class of 2021
Martha Lacy
Wayne Lucas
John Simpson (Building & Grounds)
Anne Taylor
Sue White

Class of 2022
Terry Brimer   
Suzanne Harrison
Charles Hurt
Don Rogers
Monty Sams


First Presbyterian Church Stephen Ministers are lay Christian congregation members who are selected, trained and supervised by their congregation Stephen Leaders to provide effective, confidential, one on Christian care to individuals in our congregation and community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives. Stephen Ministers support and extend the care that our pastors continue to provide. Stephen Ministers reach out with God’s love to people who are hurting.  If you would like more information about Stephen Ministry or would like to become a care recipient, please contact Chet LaFountaine at  (423) 586-4044 or chetl2004@yahoo.com.