FPC Session

Rev. Merri Alexander-Moderator          

Terri Tilson, Clerk

* Committee Chairperson

Class of 2019

*Mark Holtkamp (Christian Education)

*Bonnie Michaud (Worship)

Sally Morrison

Carl Storms

Terri Tilson

Class of 2020

Mickey Barbely

*Buddy Fielder (Human Resources)

*Bill T. Hale (Finance & Stewardship)

*Jacqui Inman (Mission & Community Outreach)

*Jennfier Little (Congregational Care)

Class of 2021

Martha Lacy

Wayne Lucas

John Simpson

Anne Taylor

Sue White

First Presbyterian Church

600 West Main Street

Morristown, TN  37814


Phone/Fax: 423.586.4281

email: fpcmorr@gmail.com